computational design
digital simulations
parametric modeling

In 2022-2023, our company was part of the development of a high-performance footwear product in collaboration with Puma Innovation team, Karsten Warholm and his coach, Leif Olav Alnes.

Our role was to integrate various internal competencies such as biomechanical data collection and interpretation, material characterization, and computational simulations to create a cutting-edge product.

The process began with the experimental collection of data, which was then discretized and segmented. Next, the different performance elements of the product were identified and matched with appropriate materials, considering the contact surface of the shoe.

The characterized materials were then used to create digital engineering models.

These models underwent digital simulation to determine which elements could be optimized for better performance.

The result was a high-performance shoe, designed through a data-driven process.

Karsten Warholm went on to win the World Championships in the 400m Hurdles wearing this innovative product, showcasing the effectiveness of a data-driven design approach.

If you would like to know more about this project the CDFAM recordings are available at this link: https://linktr.ee/moonrabbitlab

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