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Advanced FEA on Lattice Helmets

Breaking new ground in protective gear, Ortholutions Orthopedic Fabrication Service’s lattice helmets, meticulously formulated by Aaron Porterfield, display the fusion of safety and precision. These helmets aren’t just protective; they’re corrective, standing out in a market craving innovation.

How do they achieve such remarkable details? By harnessing the synergy of modern scanning technologies, the ingenuity of our CAD specialists, and the cutting edge of production methodologies and materials.

We joined with the use of Ansys LS-Dyna Solver at our disposal, and we’ve taken a leap into explicit dynamics, setting up our models to withstand real-world conditions virtually. Dynamic simulation is needed for obtaining G-Forces which is a big challenge in the orthotics field because every helmet is custom-designed for each patient, using these virtual techniques could help to validate models and optimize every design aspect digitally before it ever hits the physical prototype stage.

The insights are the creation of a workflow where potential issues are identified and rectified early on, minimizing the need for multiple prototypes and expediting the path from conception to production.

At Moon Rabbit X, we employ advanced FEA techniques to maintain the pace of innovation, especially within the additive manufacturing sector. Performance optimization is at the heart of our expertise, and every project we undertake is a reflection of our relentless commitment to exploring the limits of the possible. It’s here that our dedication to innovation truly shines, driving us towards the pinnacle of excellence.

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