Moon Landing

computational design

We elevated our Moon Runner model to new heights by synergizing the diverse skills of our team, aligning them towards a unified goal.

We embarked on a comprehensive journey through the workflow of FDM 3D printing footwear, crafting a design process development strategy to identify areas of opportunity and streamline automation processes, while deepening our understanding of the technology and its application in design.

Designing for Additive Manufacturing is inherently complex, with a compelling number of parameter considerations. However, we remain solid in our belief that custom computational workflows hold immense potential to maximize and democratize the utilization of such technologies.

Transitioning from the redesign of our initial MoonRunner model, we meticulously adjusted proportions and integrated insights from Zellerfeld Shoe Company Inc. design guidelines. Employing advanced texturing techniques, we imbued the upper-midsole with a unique and seamless texture, while crafting a distinct texture for the outsole. Simultaneously, we embarked on an exploration to characterize TPU materials, aiming to achieve optimal quality at a printing speed of 80 mm/s in our ELEGOO 3D printer. Through these endeavors, we identified areas ripe for improvement and deployed our computational design skills to devise automated workflows for support creation and component alignment optimization.

“Moon Landing” is the fruits of our labor that are evident in the results we present.

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