Milano Design Week 2024

computational design

Moon Landing a future yet to be discovered.

We imagine a future where the on-demand product is the main way of manufacturing, whereby utilizing advanced computational design techniques and additive manufacturing can bring multi-material and multi-functions to consumer products and objects closer to us.

Our project proposed a solution intersection of technology, sustainability, and design personalization. By utilizing 3D printed TPU or material such as BioCir®flex our vision is to showcase how additive manufacturing can shape future consumption practices bringing a more sustainable tomorrow.

Moon Landing is just one of the examples in which Computational Design can merge traditional craftsmanship with the emerging technology of FDM 3D Printing. The use of different materials can be replaced thanks to a precise characterization of surface finishing using data-driven algorithms to enhance final product quality in terms of both aesthetic and performance requirements.

Our project leverages advanced computational techniques to implement multifunctionality within a product printed using a single material. Through these techniques, we can customize pressure zones, enhance performance, and incorporate various styles—all without the necessity of adding additional materials or resorting to adhesive bonding, which could potentially compromise the recyclability of the printed material. This approach not only optimizes functionality and aesthetics but also prioritizes sustainability by minimizing material waste and simplifying end-of-life recycling processes.

Innovative design processes, paired with algorithmic workflows, have the power to revolutionize traditional mass production paradigms, shifting towards mass customization that prioritizes individual needs as primary requirements. By incorporating custom parts and leveraging advanced algorithms, we can tailor products to meet the preferences and requirements of each individual consumer. This transformation not only enhances the overall user experience but also represents an alternative to traditional production methods.

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