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ETH Robotic Hand – 3D model

computational design
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Computational Design Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Printing.

3D printing is advancing rapidly, and our Computational Designer supported Thomas Buchner from ETH Zurich on an exciting project involving slow-curing polymers and Inkbit multi-material 3D printing technology, featured in Nature Portfolio.

Our role in this effort was to conceptualize and design a full CAD for the 3D-printed robotic hand, drawing inspiration from the ergonomic features of the human hand. This innovative creation combined soft and rigid components in hybrid structures.

Throughout the project, we engaged in numerous design iterations to optimize the 3D printing process. To facilitate this, we developed a #grasshopper workflow, which allowed us to iterate swiftly and fine-tune various aspects of the hand, including tendon guides, joint capsules, and inner material interfaces.

We aimed to achieve a 50/50 overlay, preserving the organic and natural shape of the components while considering the intricacies of the manufacturing process.

This project posed significant challenges, but we take immense pride in the remarkable outcomes it has produced.

Open Access Paper in Nature:

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